PT Session Prices

Half Hour Session

First Session



£20 per 30 minute session


5 Sessions = £90

10 Sessions = £175

1 Hour Session

First Session



£35 per hour


5 Sessions = £150

10 Sessions = £300

Each client will need to complete an induction during their first appointment to enable all parties to understand what is being started. This will involve the completion of an informed consent form, Pre-activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) and exchange of any other relevant information to help me to help you.

I can then get a good understanding of what goals you have.

Pre-Package Initial Assessment


(Body Composition, Fitness Assessment and fact-finding to create an approach that fits).

I believe you can’t know you’ve arrived at your goal, until you first know where you started from, so before a package starts, it is a good idea to understand fully what you want to achieve, it will also allow me to take some measures and fitness tests (all in done at your home). Once I have this information it will help me to plan how I will help you to achieve your goals, and improve on these measures.

The charge will include a reassessment at the end of your package, to show you just what you have achieved.


1 Hour Workout

First Session



£40 per hour


5 Sessions = £180

10 Sessions = £350

Exercising with a partner, friend or neighbour can help to boost your motivation and spur you on when you don’t really feel like doing anything. It can also encourage a little healthy competition to help you to keep up or overtake their progress.

Other packages such as those for:-

  • Fitness to improve pre-existing medical conditions (Exercise Referral).
  • Small group (up to a maximum of 4 participants)
  • Weight management programmes

are available on request.

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