"I completed an exercise programme with Nick (through Force Cancer Charity) following treatment for breast cancer. Time was spent assessing my individual needs and capabilities and a programme suggested and monitored accordingly. Nick was very patient and sensitive to my restrictions due to my treatment and fatigue and my nervousness about returning to exercise after treatment. The programme helped with my fatigue, mood, confidence and some of the side effects of treatment and ongoing medication. I wish I had done it earlier on in my treatment. I would highly recommend both the programme and Nick. He is very encouraging to all ages and abilities and treats everyone with respect. Thank you Nick"

Sally. 43


"I cannot recommend Nick highly enough. I have just completed my 8 week Force Cancer rehab gym course and both my energy levels and exercise ability have increased remarkably. At the beginning of the course I was breathless and lacked strength in all my limbs, particularly my arms. I also found activities, such as swimming, requiring extensive arm movement difficult. The gym sessions were fun and tailored to meet my needs and I also enjoyed the health swim sessions. Now my aerobic fitness is substantially better, my endurance has really increased and my arm strength is back to what it used to be before my cancer surgery. I can also swim a considerable distance now using a variety of strokes. Nick was supportive throughout the course and encouraged me to push myself, whilst ensuring I worked within my limits. I would definitely recommend Nick and his programmes to anyone who wishes to improve their health, fitness and well being."

Helene. 53


After my Lung Cancer operation. I was very apprehensive about going to the gym, after being referred by FORCE. However you soon gave me confidence to partake in regular exercise and realise the benefit. Your professionalism made it so much easier and I would not hesitate in recommending him. 

David. 73


“I have always kayaked,hiked and swam....but I struggled with my joints over the last year and then I met Nick..... 

Nick set me an individual training programme ....because of his professionalism,extensive knowledge and commitment and empathy to his clients, I have become stronger, more flexible and I am thriving with my new found fitness....

I would highly recommend Nick.....Thank You!”

Tina. 50


“I felt so grateful for my referral to Nick from the Force Cancer Centre after my breast cancer reoccurred after 10 years and I required more treatment. I found myself frustrated, lacking in confidence due to fear of pain and feeling restricted. Having been a Cancer Nurse I knew I required holistic care to get through my recovery and Nick was perfectly pitched, spotting my interests, motivation and encouraging me every step of the way. He was able to set me achievable goals but also build on my hopes. It was thanks to Nick's support that 6 months after finishing treatment I was running from Exmouth to Exeter and ready to run the Great West Run.”

Catherine. 50


“During my time of being coached by Nick, I consistently experienced him as friendly, polite and courteous. He also has a great sense of humour – invaluable, I believe, in helping to ensure sessions are enjoyable for all involved. It was clear, to me, in observing Nick’s interactions with others, that these qualities make him popular with others, too, across genders, ages and abilities (and – perhaps just as importantly – any unavoidable limitations). His personality, in combination with his comprehensive range of qualifications, and experience of working with various conditions and circumstances, help ensure he’s sensitive and attentive to his clients’ needs, and dedicated to keeping them motivated and focussed”.

Gerry. 56


“I would like to thank you for your help and support during my recent Exercise program. I was surprised to feel so much better in such a short time... I wish you every success in your new venture.. Through my experience.....A much needed service.. many thanks.”

Avril. 71


“Thank you for all your support over the last 8 weeks in the gym and for giving me back my confidence and energy. Hope you continue to work with Force - Good luck with your new venture.”

Christine. 76

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