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My name is Nick Paynter, for over 20 years I have lived and worked in Exmouth. I believe passionately that exercise is good for everybody, no matter what age you are, and that it does not have to be about using the gym.

I can meet you at your home and use a wide range of equipment and exercises to help improve your fitness. My aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through referrals and ‘word of mouth’.

I aim to help people like you across East Devon improve their health and quality of life. Through a combination of local group exercise classes and Personal Training sessions (individual, paired or small groups). By being mobile I can meet you at a time and place that suits you, to fit in with your busy lifestyle. I have a wealth of experience of helping clients improve their health with a broad range of medical conditions and diseases such as:

Coronary Heart Disease


Weight reduction

Joint pain

Muscular Pain

Respiratory disease (COPD & Asthma)

Diabetes Mellitus

Stress, anxiety and depression


Post-op recovery

I can also support you with:-

Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation

Helping to rebuild your confidence after recovery from Heart attacks, Heart failure, bypasses, Atrial Fibrilation and Stroke.

Cancer Rehabilitation - in association with Force Cancer Exeter

Together we can help you to battle the fatigue that is common to every aspect of Cancer, by using exercise to support you through your Cancer journey no matter where you are on the pathway (early diagnosis, receiving treatment or in remission).

The lift in energy levels that you can experience can be very powerful and an effective tool to help your immune system fight back.

Training at home will allow you to start your journey to fitness in familiar surroundings. While ensuring that what you do is safe and appropriate to minimise the risk of injury. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing illness or injury.

I can help you to achieve what you want, and help you stay ‘fit for life’.

Nick Paynter

Tel: 07754 238 272

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